#CandidsAtJar — Meet Rohan

Jar brings you #CandidsAtJar, a series to bring our team members (read : pennies in our Jar) — in the spotlight. We chit-chat with folks from different teams to get a glimpse of what goes behind the scenes at Jar.

In this edition of our weekly gupshup, we talked to Rohan — Backend Engineer — one of the youngest champs working at Jar. He shared with us how he manages to keep the Jar alive while juggling between his college life and full- time working role, excelling in both the worlds.

Here’s his story:

You’re still in college. Then how did you join Jar?

Joining Jar was an impulsive decision. It was like an over-the-call move. I’d recently finished a long stint at Bounce (through which I knew Nishchay), and called him up to let him know that my time at Bounce is up and I’m leaving. That’s when he said that he was launching his own thing and asked me to join him right away. I’d also interacted with Misbah earlier before, so I didn’t have to think twice. I was 21 and in my second year of college then. *grins*

Looking back now, I always had immense trust in both of them and what they were building. They both had done something crazy before as well so I basically had no reason to say no. I didn’t even question the product as I knew that we’ll build something great and fantastic. So I called Nishchay and we met for coffee the next day, and there I was, finally, at Jar. I was very sure about it because my whole purpose is to be a part of something impactful and wonderful.

You have seen Jar since it took its baby steps. How do you feel about it?

Jar, to me, is like a small child that you are raising and caring for everyday. (and we thought he himself is a kid :P) Every aspect of it feels very close to me. Even now, if something breaks or goes wrong, and if it is minutely related to my expertise, there’s a 100 percent chance that I will be there to help out. The immense connection and drive has stayed constant since the start. We have been through insane nights with just 4 people sitting in an Airbnb for a couple of months. We have done some crazy stuff. It never felt like we were doing it out of compulsion; it was always so exciting and thrilling. Jar to me is more than a job. If it was just a job, then things might have been different. But it feels really different to me. I’m just enthralled by this experience here.

What do you enjoy the most about working in Jar?

You know sometimes when you don’t have to wake yourself up too hard to do something, that’s when you know you love what you do. This happens to me everyday. And that’s what I like about Jar.

No day is the same. Things go well, things go bad, but we always have something exciting coming up. There is never a dull moment. Since last year, there has been nothing that isn’t exciting. It is exactly something that keeps me going. I love what I do. I work for excitement, for learning things, for unlearning things, meeting people, getting corrected, etc. I enjoy that process a lot so that’s mostly what keeps driving me.

How does it feel to be one of the youngest people in the company (working since 21 years of age)?

To be honest, it feels good. *twinkling eyes* It doesn’t hurt being the youngest in the team. It offers you a good adrenaline rush. Another advantage of being the youngest is that people are more accepting of my mistakes and open to correct me. I’ve never felt like I was at a disadvantage. We are such a lively team. Working with people with a huge amount of experience is truly amazing in a sense. I thoroughly enjoy this learning process. I can still call anybody, even Misbah and Nishchay and tell them that I want to change something. Age isn’t a barrier, my qualification isn’t a barrier, — like I haven’t even completed college, so yeah. That keeps me motivated and I feel very connected to the team. I can work with any team; for example, I may go to the marketing team and tell them I don’t like this or that, or that I require an amendment, and this, in turn, opens doors for my personal development. I’m actually still in the learning phase of my career.

Tell us about this learning process?

Since the beginning, we have not stuck to just one thing. We have evolved, made mistakes and still make some now too, but we have also learnt a lot from them. We might make repeated mistakes but we didn’t stick to them for too long. Even success taught us something. We’re always looking for ways to improve. In that process as an individual, Jar gave me many new things to explore. It’s all thanks to the amazing team that allows me to try new things. We all make mistakes, but there are never any arguments about why we did what we did; instead, it’s always like, “OK, let’s move on to the next thing.” And that is very important, especially for me. I focus on learning and doing my best for the company. If I mess up, I learn from it and move on to something more exciting.

Share with us one experience or incident with a senior that really stands out or is close to your heart.

So, ever since the beginning, I’ve been able to call someone like Misbah or Nishchay and request a catch-up over coffee, perhaps for like a half-hour. We talk about anything and everything. They are far busier than I am, yet they still have time to catch up with the team, and they do it at any time. For me, it’s this availability and willingness to converse that keeps me going. That experience is amazing. I’m proud of the bonds I’ve formed with everyone, and I intend to maintain them.

You will graduate next year. How do you handle Jar and college together?

You should know your priorities. It is something that takes a lot of time and effort to figure out. Then you’ll have to forgo sleep, vacation, or whip out your laptop in a restaurant and go to work. But since you are aligned to what you have signed up for, all these things won’t matter. I want to do something new that excites me and helps me learn and grow more than anything else. Sometimes I work from class or the college bus. I work from literally anywhere and everywhere. The whole point is, we all have different priorities. These are mine. This is what keeps me thriving. I like to balance my work and life in that way.

What’s something that we would’ve never guessed about you?

I learnt Carnatic music for 4 years that people would never expect me to do. I also wanted to become a doctor until I was 19. Then my priorities changed over time and here I am now!



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